Route 613

For all of your OC Transpo needs.

The main screen is great for showing you important information right when you'll need it. Waiting at a stop and want to know when the bus will arrive? Simply open the app and it will show you a card listing nearby stops, including yours. Just tap on your stop to get arrival times right away. This space is also used to present you with the latest live updates from OC Transpo including cancellations, delays, detours, and service change announcements. Once you've seen an update, just swipe on it to dismiss it! Any past and dismissed updates can be viewed in the Live Updates tab.

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Get Upcoming Trips

Find out when your bus is coming

Find out when your bus will be arriving, and where it currently it is.

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Find stops and get directions

Look for stops anywhere in the city using the map and quickly get access to the next trips at any stop. Using the travel planner, you can find the fastest way from point A to point B by means of public transport.

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Stop Alerts

Get alerted when you approach your stops

Set an alert to be notified when you are approaching near your stop. Useful for taking quick naps on the bus, without missing your stop!

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